Check out the eight World Cup 2022 stadiums now! – Fun88

Check out the eight World Cup 2022 stadiums now! – Fun88

World Cup 2022 stadiums in Qatar – Fun88

Where will World Cup 2022 matches take place? – Fun88

Get ready for World Cup 2022! Football makes world come together as one, waving flags of different places around over the world. Therefore, we must get ready to enjoy all the excitement you can feel. So, schedule on your agenda this date: November 21st, 2022, when 2022 FIFA World Cup matches will start in Qatar and will end on December 18, 2022.


That date was chosen due to the Qatar’s temperature: in June and July, temperatures in the Arab country reach 50° degrees, a condition that makes it impossible to support such a massive soccer competition.


The group stage is scheduled to take place from November 21 to December 2nd at Al Bayt Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Al Rayyan Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, Education City Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium.


According to FIFA news, the round of 16 will take place between December 3rd and 6th of the same month, with one match to be played in each of the venues chosen to host the World Cup 2022.


Otherwise, the quarterfinals have been scheduled to be played on December 9th and 10th, with the Al Bayt Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Lusail Stadium and Education Stadium as home venues for these final matches.


Then, semifinals are scheduled for December 13 and 14, with Al Bayt Stadium and Lusail Stadium as the venues for these matches and the final will take place on Sunday, December 18 at the Lusail Stadium, defining the team that will replace France as champion of the prestigious competition.


Moreover, the stadiums where World Cup 2022 matches will be held are eight and will host the thousands of attendees who will follow the World Cup closely. Certainly, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is not only about sport.


World Cup 2022 matches and Qatar stadiums – Fun88


Behind the competition, there is a whole engineering of logistics, architecture, engineering, and cutting-edge design. With unique stadiums, World Cup 2022 will have an infrastructure prepared to accommodate the thousands of attendees who will follow the cup closely. In addition, several of these are demountable. These are the eight stadiums of World Cup 2022:

  • ✔️ Lusail: Lusail is set to become a historic venue for several reasons. In terms of capacity (80,000 seats), it will be the largest stadium for the first FIFA World Cup in the Gulf and the centerpiece of a new metropolis called Lusail City. With a design that alludes to the decorative motifs of the Arab community's ceramic bowls, the Lusail Stadium will provide fans with a festival of soccer in World Cup 2022.

  • ✔️ Ras Abu Aboud: With a capacity of 40,000 people, Ras Abu Aboud is one of the most innovative in the history of the FIFA World Cup due to its construction they used shipping containers, removable seats and other modular blocks.

  • ✔️ Ahmad bin Ali: Ahmad Bin Ali is located in one of Qatar's most important cities, near Doha, on the way to the desert areas. It belongs to the Al Rayyan Sports Club, which can accommodate up to 40,000 spectators.

  • ✔️ Al Bayt: Fans visiting this 60,000-seat complex, whose structure resembles a giant traditional tent, will experience something never seen before. Following this line, its name derives from the term bayt al sha'ar, which designates the dwellings used by the nomadic peoples of Qatar and the Gulf region throughout history. On the other hand, its design commemorates the country's past and present, while taking a journey into the community's future. Finally, the opening ceremony of the competition will take place here.

  • ✔️ Al Janoub: Al Janoub came to life when it was presented to the world with an inauguration during the celebration of the 2019 Emir's Cup final. It is located in the coastal town of Al Wakrah, located south of the country's capital Doha.

  • ✔️ Modern spaces: The close relationship that this municipality has with the sea can be seen in the dynamic design of its exterior. This was created in collaboration with the renowned Zaha Hadid Architects.

  • ✔️ Al Thumama: Inspired by the shape of the traditional Arab headdress, the gahfiya, the stadium aims to intrinsically showcase the culture of the country and the region. Located 12 km south of downtown Doha, Al Thumama Stadium is named after an indigenous tree that grows in the area. The complex will accommodate up to 40,000 people. Located in a vibrant center of knowledge, the Doha Education City Stadium (40,000 people) is situated between the buildings of several universities. The area is home to the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, with academics and innovation at the heart of its community philosophy.

  • ✔️ Khalifa International: The Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayyan is Qatar's most historic soccer complex. Among other sporting competitions, it hosted the Asian Games, the Gulf Cup and the AFC Asian Cup. Its capacity is 45 thousand spectators. Built in 1976, it opened a new chapter in its long history in 2017, that year in reopened the doors after its renovation and hosted the final of the Emir's Cup. Undoubtedly, the ultra-modern renovation pays homage to the past of this iconic stadium and the two traditional arches of its structure remain the protagonists.


Travel Tips to Qatar: clothing, money, language, holidays and more – Fun88


If you are planning to assist to World Cup 2022 matches, consider some tips you will need in case you travel to Quatar in November. Electricity, emergency phones, customs, exchange rate, tokens of affection, Islamic holidays are just some features you must consider before going to Quatar.


From strolling around Doha Bay, exploring the Museum of Islamic Art, embarking on a desert safari or shopping in Souq Waqif, there's plenty to see and do in this captivating country. From dress, money, language, holidays, Ramadan, tokens of affection, religion and more, top tips for traveling to Qatar.

  • ✔️ Dress: Attitudes towards dress in Qatar are relaxed, but visitors (men and women) are expected to show respect for the local culture by avoiding overly revealing clothing in public. It is generally recommended that men and women ensure that their shoulders and knees are covered if going to World Cup 2022 matches.

  • ✔️  Currency: The Qatari rial is the only currency used in the country and can be obtained through ATMs in all shopping malls, hotels and throughout Doha. The Qatari Rial (QR) has an exchange rate against the US dollar of 3.64 QAR. Or 1 Qatari Rial has the value of 0.27 dollars. Consider it if you will assist to the World Cup 2022 matches.

  • ✔️  Drinking water: The World Health Organization estimates that 99% of Qatar has access to safe drinking water. However, bottled water is widely consumed in Qatar with plenty of local and imported brands widely available.

  • ✔️ Electricity supply: The standard voltage is 240 V, and the frequency is 50 Hz. Power sockets are the same as in the UK. To use electrical appliances manufactured for the 100 V-127 V, a voltage converter or a power plug adapter combined with the converter is required.

  • ✔️ Emergency telephones: If you need to call an ambulance, police or fire, press 999. If you want to communicate with traffic police and patrol department, you can call 4890666.

  • ✔️  Friday hours: All businesses and commercial activity are closed during Friday morning prayers (between 10:00 and 12:00). Several stores remain closed on Fridays, while shopping malls are open in the afternoon.

  • ✔️  Greetings: Qatari women will not shake hands with men and many men will not shake a woman's hand as a gesture of respect.

  • ✔️ Internet connection and Wifi: Qatar is the first country in the world to introduce a commercial 5G network. Free wifi is available at Hamad International Airport and in most public places, including shopping malls, restaurants, and parks.

  • ✔️ Islamic holidays: Aíd al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the month-long fasting period. It is spent with family and friends, with much feasting, and lasts for three days, although stores and private businesses may reopen after one or two days. The Hajj pilgrimage ends with Aíd al Adha, also known as the "festival of sacrifice" and lasts four days.


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World Cup 2022


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