Who can win the World Cup 2022? Figure it out now!

Who can win the World Cup 2022? Figure it out now!

World Cup 2022 possible winners


When and where is the World Cup 2022 held?

Eight months left for the best football event ever seen! The countdown is ready since the World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar in the winter months rather than the usual summer ones, due to the climate features.


As you know, World Cup 2022 matches will start on November 21st, 2022, at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor with a game that will feature the host country. According to media releases, the final match will be held at the Lusail Stadium in Doha on Sunday December 18th, 2022, before Christmas celebrations.

Discover the most important details of World Cup 2022!


Now, 15 teams have qualified to the World Cup 2022 tournament: Brazil and Argentina from South America, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, England, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain, Iran, and South Korea.


From the qualifying countries, Brazil, France, England, Belgium, Spain, and Germany have the best odds. Even though, odds can change during the qualifying rounds as there are some 17 teams pending to get the ticket to Qatar. South Korea has been the most recent team to qualify.

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According to media, the first team to qualify was Germany: “Germany was the first team to guarantee a spot through the qualification process in Europe, a team which have lifted the World Cup for four times, while Brazil - the greatest national team in World Cup history with five trophies - secured swift qualification as one of the top four teams in South America's groups”, media reports said.


On the other hand, there are other countries in Europe which are pending to qualify since three more teams must advance through the European play-offs in March. England had guaranteed by virtue of topping their group, Scotland, Wales, and Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal should go through the play-offs.

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Even tough, Scotland and Wales were pitched in the same way. Therefore, Scotland and Wales will play to defeat Ukraine and Austria in their corresponding play-off semi-finals: “Also, Italy and Portugal will play each other in a winner-goes-through play-off final if they win their semi-finals”, media reports said. According to FIFA, the play-offs to go to Qatar take place from March 24th to 29th. The 2022 World Cup will feature 32 teams in eight groups of four.


Which team can lift the World Cup 2022?


As mentioned before, Brazil, France, England, Belgium, Spain, and Germany have got the best probabilities to lift the World Cup 2022. However, in case you want to bet on the best football teams of the world, you must consider other quality aspects than odds and mere data.

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According to leadership experts, the teams which are well-focused on the goal aim might have a great performance during any soccer team. This aspect is important to consider in case you want to bet on the World Cup 2022 teams, matches and players since it is vital to analyze the real soccer performance during matches:


“One of the greatest challenges for leaders is to build a high-performance team. To compose a champion team, the leader must integrate the members of his team, creating synergy and getting the best out of each one, to exceed the desired results. But not everyone achieves the desired degree of integration”, experts say.


As you can see in case you want to put your wagers on the World Cup 2022, you must identify which teams are playing just like that: as a team. Consequently, the ones who have a productive integration are the ones who have great chances to succeed.


On the field, we can visualize more easily the benefits created by the joint, integrating, and interdependent effort. Otherwise, the damage caused by individualism when personal stardom is stronger than the collectiveness, can become into a huge obstacle to succeed in football and life.


Talking about soccer teams, we saw in the World Cup in South Africa that the French and Italian teams were eliminated early, since they entered the field with eleven players far from forming a team.


Conforming to experts: “Brazilian coach Dunga also faced pressure for not having called up some stars, making it clear that he prefers less talented but loyal and committed players to the spasmodic and uncommitted brilliance of others”, they say.


On the other hand, you must check out the previous results of a team to realize if the team is worthy to bet on. Moreover, the team you bet on must have an inspiring manager and captain, at the same time the whole team is coming together as a collective force, not an individual one:


“Leaders need to invest much more in defining their team members. So, they need to resist the temptation to select people based on their resumes, which barely record the past and not the future matches.


Therefore, great leaders often base their choices on everything from attitudes to technical competence and educational formalities”, leadership experts mention. That’s why you need to focus on teams which have great leadership if you want to figure out which the winner of the World Cup will be.

World cup 2022


Even though, recognizing a good team does not mean find the one which has only predictable players, as the risk of mediocrity is great. Talented people can also develop a sense of teamwork. Conforming to the coaching, leadership, and soccer experts, they are the best qualities that a great soccer team require to succeed:

  • ✔️ Creating and improving styles of playing: First, a great team must impose styles of play, must innovate in the tactical-technical part of soccer: “To be recognized by the public opinion of its time as innovative in terms of the way it plays and to be mentioned as a reference by later generations is an indispensable requirement to be considered great”, experts mention.

  • ✔️ Have a winning record through history: If you want to bet successfully, you must focus on the teams which have a trophy-laden history; a club that is over 100 years old and has won one title cannot be considered great. However, conforming to experts, a club that has won half of its trophies in 10 years can no longer be considered great, is on its way to being great, but cannot yet be called great.

  • ✔️ Being able to generate its own resources: Do not underestimate finances. Most of the time, the teams which have their own resources are the ones that invest for the best and this is always reflected on the field. So, consider this aspect if you want to bet in an effective form this World Cup 2022. “When a club generates its own resources to buy what it needs, it does not skimp on the value it has in the market; a big club does not negotiate, a big club arrives with an open checkbook to pay whatever is necessary. This does not mean that it is a squanderer of resources, but it must be backed by extensive research and valuation to make the right decision. A big club should not spend, it should invest”, the most experienced bettors say.

  • ✔️ The team players are always great: According to the best experts, the manager clubs that provides the players the necessary are the ones with best odds. Of course, wise bettors should bet on teams with great soccer players, the ones that most of the time are called “cracks”. In previous articles, we have mentioned some great footballers who are worthy to bet on. The players are part of teams that encourages them for the best: A good player, a player with hunger to win and a player who wants to transcend will choose a club for these same reasons. Experts say that those footballers will choose a club that not only can pay them in an excellent way for all the talent he can exhibit, but also because it will give him the opportunity to win titles or trophies that enhance his soccer career.

  • ✔️ A good team is a benchmark in the promotion of players: Although a big team can and should buy whatever it deems necessary, it should never forget to produce its own players; this should not only be done for economic purposes, but also for identity purposes: good players play to win, but home-grown players play for more than just winning. Moreover, a big club must also generate its own human resources.

  • ✔️ The greatest teams do not deny failure: As a big team, having clear objectives and achieving titles is vital; not achieving them is a failure and as a big team it must not deny it, “They must assume the consequences that this generates, they must accept criticism with their mouths shut and above all, they must not hide behind excuses that have to do with off-field situations that affected their performance”, experts say.

  • ✔️ The greatest teams can paralyze a country: The transcendence, importance and popularity of the big teams should make them capable of moving the entire soccer public of a country, the entire country; whether to celebrate a victory or to celebrate a defeat, the big teams should be capable of generating the attention of the soccer fans. A great team can bring a country to a standstill. The best teams can update their winning history: Conforming to experts, boasting titles that were won long ago is not valid for teams that call themselves great; as time goes by, titles lose validity, making clubs mythical, but not great at all, as a great team that boasts of being great is called so, as it never stops winning.


Other aspects to consider


There are other features if you want to consider in case you want to bet on the World Cup 2022 matches. Even they seem minor aspects, do not underestimate them since every detail is important when it is time to wager on soccer effectively. Check them out!

  1. ✔️ Clarity about the goal, the purpose: This is one of the most important aspects to consider. The more a team concentrates on achieving a goal, the more probabilities to succeed they have.

  2. ✔️ Ability to take care of the entire team: Now that we are watching the qualifying rounds, start checking out what are the teams with great performance but also with excellent teamwork labor.

  3. ✔️ Modernization: Soccer also requires innovation when talking about designing strategies to succeed. Remember, the teams which innovate for the best, can get great probabilities to lift the World Cup 2022.

  4. ✔️ Concentration (focus): Realize with teams and players are well focused on scoring goals but also on the field’s performance. This is so important if you want to be successful when betting on soccer during this World Cup.

In short


2022 FIFA World Cup is getting closer a little bit more every day! There are just eight months left to see the best teams of the World giving their best on the soccer field. As mentioned before, 15 teams have qualified and there are some more pending to qualify.


If you want to bet for the best, do not forget to identify the teams with the right qualities to succeed as quality is a very important factor to consider when wagering, besides the odds we can identify since now.

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Also, remember that qualifying rounds are held in the current time, and you can consider betting on those matches or start analyzing the teams’ performance to identify the possible World Cup 2022 winners.


So, get ready to celebrate the best of soccer this year in Qatar, one of the most expected World Cups through history. Even tough, even we are ready to enjoy the best of soccer, if you are a bettor, begin recognizing which the best teams are.


However, no matter if you are a bettor or not. You will have fun this 2022 when watching the best of soccer on the Qatari field, giving their best with passion, persistence, enthusiasm, motivation, and determination. Do not miss anything about FIFA World Cup 2022!

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