World Cup 2022: The top moments of this weekend qualifying rounds!

World Cup 2022: The top moments of this weekend qualifying rounds!

Qualifying rounds of World Cup 2022


How were these World Cup 2022 qualifying rounds?


We are getting closer to the World Cup 2022! The most important soccer tournament is on the way, and we are waiting for it since this event makes everyone to come together to watch the best of soccer from around over the world.


Several qualifying rounds were held this last weekend and we will show you which have got the most chances to qualify to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. From America to Oceania, there are 18 nations pending to qualify. Therefore, qualifying rounds have started being held from January and these matches will end up in the second trimester of the current year.


In addition, several African Cup semifinals were attended last weekend. Even those games are not exactly qualifying World Cup rounds, by analyzing matches result we can identify which teams could qualify for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar since we can observe the performance of the soccer players we see.


Last weekend, seven important matches were played, most of them were part of the qualifying rounds for the World Cup 2022: Honduras vs. El Salvador, Senegal vs. Equatorial Guinea, Panama vs. Jamaica, Canada vs. United States, Egypt vs. Morocco, and Mexico vs. Costa Rica. From these countries, the one which is closer to World Cup 2022 in Qatar is Canada.


The Maple Leaf fans shouted out so high yesterday since Canada scored two goals against USA. Due to the points Canada has already got, Canada could classify to the World Cup 2022. This would be the first time since they had participated in a World Cup in 1986 for the last time.


This match was so exciting despite the team had scored the second and winning goal when 95 minutes was running out from the game. The result of that game was 2-0, giving the victory to Canadian team as mentioned before.

World Cup 2022


Though, Canadian team has increased their winning odds for this World Cup 2022, an important feature that many bettors will consider when FIFA World Cup is held. According to media, “Canada remains the absolute leader of the qualifying round with a 2-0 home win over the United States”. Currently, those are the points that CONCACAF teams have gotten:

  1. ️⚽️ Canada | 22
  2. ️⚽️ United States | 18
  3. ️⚽️ Mexico | 18
  4. ️⚽️ Panama | 17
  5. ️⚽️ Costa Rica | 13
  6. ️⚽️ El Salvador | 9
  7. ️⚽️ Jamaica | 7
  8. ️⚽️ Honduras | 3

Qualifying rounds from CONCACAF’s teams: Honduras vs. El Salvador


Besides USA and Canada’s match, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Honduras and El Salvador. Salvadorian team defeated scoring one goal for the Qatar 2022 World Cup (1-0). According to media, with this result, the Hondurans: “sink to the bottom of the standings and the Salvadorans are in sixth place”. The first goal was scored by Nelson Bonilla at 35' and the second by Darwin Ceren at 90+2′.


Honduras and El Salvador faced each other yesterday, being the last two teams to qualify from the CONCACAF qualifiers, without scoring any goal. Therefore, both teams need to win three points to keep their mathematical chances of reaching the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

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Otherwise, the Honduran national team, which have been playing at home, has three points, making it the absolute bottom of the table and 11 points behind Panama, which -for the time being- is in the playoffs. However, Salvadorian team has three more points and, if they do not win away, they could be near elimination for this World Cup 2022.


On the other hand, according to latest media news: “Honduras is coming off a 2-0 home loss to Canada, its fifth consecutive defeat in the current qualifying process. Their opponent was defeated by the United States by the minimum difference in their last match and has not won in six games”.

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Jamaica vs Panama


Panama is also getting a little closer to Qatar 2022! Panama defeated Jamaica scoring three winning goals this Sunday in the tenth date of the CONCACAF qualifying round, a result that allows them to remain in the fight for a ticket to the Qatar-2022 World Cup. In fact, the result was 3-2 in favor of Panama:


“The goals in the match, played at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium in Panama City, were scored by Javain Brown (own goal, 43′), Eric Davis (51′) and Azmahar Ariano (69′) for the locals, while Michail Antonio (5′) and Andre Gray (87′) scored for the visitors”, media news said yesterday.

World Cup 2022


Therefore, Panama regains its confidence after the recent defeat against Costa Rica and keeps alive its chances of qualifying to its second World Cup, at the expense of a Jamaica that practically says goodbye to any aspirations.

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After losing 1-0 to Costa Rica last week, the Panamanian national team is playing against Jamaica, with the objective of winning a game to remain in the playoffs or direct qualification to the next World Cup.


Conforming to experts, the team coached by the Spanish coach Thomas Christiansen, was coming from two consecutive victories but stumbled away from home against a Costa Rica that was also in need of points. For their part, Jamaica is also struggling in the standings, after losing 1-2 at home to Mexico. The only thing they need is a win, otherwise the dream of returning to the World Cup will become impossible.


After the defeat, Thomas Christiansen mentioned: "Soccer is based on goals and today we were not able to score them and at the end we had an important possession against Costa Rica, we dominated, but it was sterile, we could not create goal opportunities".

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Regarding the victory against Jamaica, he pointed out: "If we beat Jamaica we increase our advantage, but we have to solve them. We can all have a setback, a bad game, not drawing conclusions from the match, which was at least a draw, but that’s what soccer is".


CONCACAF Octagonal: here's how Mexico finished in the qualifiers for Qatar 2022


Mexico has kept the third place in the table of the CONCACAF teams. Therefore, USA and Canada are remaining the first two places since Mexico had played a goalless draw between Costa Rica last Sunday.


“Matchday 10 of the FIFA began and one of the surprises of the CONCACAF Octagonal qualifiers was Canada's victory over the United States. John Herdman's men scored two goals against the Americans to secure their place in the World Cup Qatar 2022”, media news reported yesterday.


As mentioned before, Mexico played to a goalless draw with Costa Rica at the Azteca Stadium, thus losing the opportunity to climb to second place in the table and remained in third place, compromising their automatic qualification for the next round.

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African Cup semi-finals


Even though, other teams also had a good performance this weekend, like Egypt, the team that defeated Morocco this weekend scoring two goals as well. Egypt qualified for the semifinals of the Africa Cup of Nations by beating Morocco (2-1) in extra time at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium.


This is important to mention it, even the qualifying round is for the African Cup, Egypt team can qualify to the World Cup 2022 since Mohamed Salah, one of the best current soccer players is part of the Egyptian team.


“Although the 'Pharaohs' started off trailing with Boufal's penalty goal in the seventh minute, they reacted and came from behind with goals by Mohamed Salah in the 53rd minute and Trezeguet (100′). Now, in the next stage of the competition, they will face the difficult Cameroon”, diverse media news mentioned.


The successful Mohamed Salah: Is he lifting the Ballon d’Or 2022?


There are interesting odds in favor of Egypt for this World Cup 2022 since Mohamed Salah plays on that team! The Liverpool striker has 16 goals and nine assists in 20 Premier League games. In addition, his Champions League records show another seven goals.

World Cup 2022


According to some media sources, numbers from another planet for a player who has regained his best level. Furthermore: “The Reds have slipped down the league standings, and it looks like City will be back in contention. It remains to be seen how far Egypt will go in the Africa Cup and if their national team will be able to make the grade at the World Cup in Qatar”.


In a World Cup year, we already know that people tend to look at the champion team. In any case, Salah gets his first Ballon d'Or at some bookies at 5.0. Another African team that is performing well is Senegal, the team that defeated Equatorial Guinea yesterday in the semifinals for the African Cup.


The victory that Senegal achieved


Senegal scored three goals defeating Equatorial Guinea! The first 68 minutes of soccer lasted and resisted Equatorial Guinea against the great favorite Senegal, current runner-up of the tournament.


Conforming to media reports: “In front of a spectacular Sadió Mané, the 'Nzalang' managed to resist the Lions of Teranga for more than an hour, but the Senegalese quality ended up imposing itself and it will be them who will be in the semifinals, against Burkina Faso”.


Senegal started performing so well since the beginning of the match, scoring the first goal through Diédhiou due to a great assist from Mané. The Liverpool winger was by far the best player of the match, although he was more involved in trying to assist his teammates than trying to score himself, which penalized him on several occasions:


“With Diédhiou's goal, Cissé's side grew so much in the game that the rest of the first half was a one-man game: Senegal did what they wanted with Equatorial Guinea, who, however, pulled their teeth to resist and reach the break with only one goal against”, media news said. Senegal will be Burkina Faso's opponents in the semifinals, while Equatorial Guinea leave with their heads held high from a tournament they played with passion.


When is the World Cup 2022 held?


The high temperatures in the region where the World Cup will be played have led to a change in the playing season to avoid unfavorable weather conditions for the practice of the sport. For this reason, the opening match will be played on November 21st, this year. On that day, the local team will face an opponent to be determined by drawing lots.


As usual, the competition will last a little less than a month, ending on December 18th, 2022. An atypical date for this tournament, which will bring the definition of the World Cup closer to the end of the year holidays.


When will be the draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?


After playing their respective qualifiers, the 32 teams that have qualified for Qatar 2022 will define the groups for the competition in the draw prior to the World Cup. According to FIFA's calendar, the event will take place in Doha, capital of the host country, on March 31, coinciding with the 72nd congress of the world soccer association.


However, not even then, all the crossings of the first stage of the competition will be clear: the draw will be made when the intercontinental playoffs have not yet finished, since the qualifying rounds of the different associations of the continent will end on March 24, in the case of CONMEBOL, and on March 29, for CONCACAF, which brings together North and Central America.


The play-off matches will be played between the fifth-place team from the South American qualifiers and an Asian opponent. In the case of the other soccer association of the continent, they will play against an opponent from Oceania.


Both ties will be single-legged and will be played on a neutral field. The matches will be played between June 13 and 14, although there are still no further details as to the exact day and time. So, we are waiting for one of the most expected World Cups ever held after the pandemic lockdowns. Get ready to wave the flags from your preferred teams now!


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